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The Current Role and Responsibilities

She has been in her current role as Associate Professor of English at George State University Perimeter College since 2014 when she was first appointed to that position.

History of Their Work

In 2003, Gray became a member of the Perimeter College English Department. By 2009, she was acting as the Department Chair of English, Arts, and Humanities. She remained in this role till the end of 2016.

Instructional Technology Coaching, or ITC for short, was a business venture she launched as her academic achievements increased. Its purpose is to educate teachers about the most recent tools for effective classroom management and student engagement across various learning modalities. Carissa Gray discusses a wide range of topics, including gamification alternatives for the classroom and image sources, and she makes her extensive resource library available through ITC. She also creates dynamic workshops through ITC, centred on the classroom experience in higher education and other areas, and she presents these workshops at local, regional, and national conferences.

Gray held the position of Assistant Professor of English at Georgia Perimeter College from 2009 to 2014. She taught English at the school from 2003 till 2009, during which time she was there. In addition, she spent the years 2001 and 2002 working as an English Instructor at the Seoul Language Institute in Bundang, located in the Republic of Korea.

History of the Academic Field and Background in Education

In 1997, Gray graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Minor in Sociology. She then completed her education at Georgia Southern University and obtained a Master of Arts in English in 1999. However, she was never one to put an end to her education, so even as she was working as a professor, she completed her studies at Georgia State University at the graduate level.

Abilities and Experience in the Working World

Gray is an outstanding educator skilled at incorporating various forms of technology into the classroom to produce a dynamic and exciting learning environment. She is also very good at explaining and spreading knowledge regarding these methods to her coworkers in a simple, straightforward, and applicable way. Her expertise in this field allowed her to start her organization, which is called ITC.

Because of her well-known ability to connect with her audience, she is frequently requested to give lectures at big and local conferences and lead workshops during more narrowly focused sessions. The majority of Gray’s current work is concentrated on higher education; however, the strategies and tools she has developed are also valuable investments for those who are in charge of secondary schools or who teach students and are interested in creating more dynamic learning environments that are centred on the achievement of students.

Participation in Philanthropy and Other Charitable Activities

Gray offers paid and unpaid services through his Instructional Technology Coaching program. College professors can use free training and services designed to help them discover more effective ways to teach college students.

In addition to this, she gives her time voluntarily to help young professionals hone vital skills such as developing their resumes and cover letters and doing mock interviews with themselves. Providing guidance to other college professors and assisting them in developing the skills necessary for a job that will bring long-term fulfilment and happiness is a passion of hers.

She was the Board Secretary for the Georgia Association for Developmental Education from 2017 through 2019 and served for those three years. The group’s mission is to assist education professionals in having a constructive effect on the children they teach. To that end, they work hard to make various resources and educational opportunities available in several media, such as through training, newsletters, and conferences.

In terms of Accomplishments and Accomplishments,

Carissa Gray recently gave a talk titled “Reunite, Reconnect, and Reengage: Make Learning an Experience” about the educational journey at the Student Success Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. There have also been many more kinds of presentations that have been done. The expressions “I’m not a techie, I just play one in the classroom” at the Georgia Association for Developmental Education Conference in St. Simons and “Engage: Make Learning an Experience” at Wesleyan College are two of the highlights of the conference.

Gray’s poetry has been included in several different collections. She also penned the introduction for Kathleen DeMarco’s book “Defending the Intellectual Life in Early Modern to Postmodern Times: An Anthology of Literary Apologies,” which was released in 2013. Gray is an accomplished writer.


Gray received this honour in 2018 from the Georgia Association for Developmental Education, which recognized him as an Outstanding Alumnus of a Developmental Education Program. She was awarded the Paul Bowles Fellowship in English at Georgia State University in 2009; in 2011, she was given the Outstanding Service to the Two-Year College Association award. In addition, she was presented with a faculty fellowship for service learning in 2004.